no fuck you.

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Arctic Monkeys songs combined with my photography.


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Part 4

Part 3
My family

Part 2
My family

Part 1
This isn’t grunge but it is my family and they were pretty damn cool

I wish you would forgive me and we could become friends again

Elizabeth Taylor and James Dean in between takes while making The Giant.

Relationships are dumb

There is this misconception about relationships which is that once you get into a relationship you begin to settle down, do the same things like cuddle or have dinner or just sex. And don’t get me wrong I love all of that. But I want to do things that are exciting like bike ride around the city, go tag walls and ditches in the middle of the night, watch the stars on a particularly lovely night, get CK’s at the crack of dawn because why not. I don’t want the same old same old. I want adventure!

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this movie tho

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